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Lebanon, the demo is a mob of people hospital transport on the road ...

[Travel] country best was surprising | El Mundo Lebanon, demonstration on the streets of a mob of people hospital transport Anti-government demonstrations and mob in Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) Middle East Lebanon's capital Beirut, people in until the day in the collision with the security forces has been hospital transport. Red Cross and the country's civil defense organization said on Thursday. Collision occurred on the day. Although the Lebanese protests that opposition to such blunders of corruption and the government has continued from October, collision of the day became the most intense ever. For demonstrators to come threw stones and firecrackers, security forces used tear gas and water cannons, rubber bullets. Multiplied by the pressure away from the meeting place and government facilities was the main Beirut city. Civil Defense Organization and the Red Cross of Lebanon has announced that the person was a hospital transport during the collision. Also it revealed also that it has allowance dozens on the spot. The videos on social media, is reflected also how to move on the road dragging the participants some of the protesters is believed to have lost consciousness.

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