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Companies of risk measures in light of the trend of the [Islamic ...

[Travel] country best was surprising | El Mundo Risk measures of the company in light of the trend of the [Islamic State] Introduction 0 years 0 days in the Islamic countries] Islamic extremist organization called (hereinafter, ISIL: Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic countries) hostage incident that is triggered by the fact that published the image that is binding on the Japanese male name It is now and to celebrate the most painful consequences of precious lives of the name is taken away. We pray for the souls of deceased people. ISIL has issued a statement to the effect that we as a target of terrorism the Japanese in the future, of course, Japanese companies and their officers and employees families to advance overseas, even in Japan, continue to watch the Terorisuku compared to the previous is needed. In this paper, we look back on the outline of this incident, and then discuss the measures with the Terorisuku that may be faced by future Japanese companies.

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