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I first overseas trip [Dubai] the One chose the reason (Yubiyama ...

[Travel] country best was surprising | El Mundo It One of the reasons to choose the [Dubai] in my first overseas trip What is Dubai? Country: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) Language: Arabic (+ English) Currency: Dh (dirham) Dh = about circle That's right! In fact, Dubai is not a country, City name (to be exact chiefs country) did you say! ! It is [Japan Kyoto] something like (laughs) However, even this time of the month, Since the average temperature in Dubai is more than 0 degrees, Also wrong to not to go in the summer. One of the reasons to recommend Dubai [. "Super" it is touched in a different culture! ] If the pains of going to travel abroad, I want cast himself big time in a different culture! Dubai, because of the Muslim countries in the Middle East, If a little walk the streets, you meet the people who dressed in national costume! (This is also elegant and cool !!) In addition, mosque (Muslim chapel) is surprisingly magnificent and breathtaking beauty. Such as the unique atmosphere of the Middle East unique, it will be encased in never tasted not air in Japan.

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